Ecological Analysis – EBIO 6340 (fall semesters)
This course teaches advanced statistical techniques necessary to analyze real ecological data. Ecological data are often messy, with correlation structures, non-independent measurements, non-normal distributions, and complex relationships that violate the assumptions of introductory statistical methods. The goal is to provide training in techniques that can accommodate such data, including mixed effects models, generalized linear models, multivariate statistics, and maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods. The course is taught as lectures and hands-on computer labs with a focus on implementing these methods in R.
Check out the R User Group (TURF)Ā page for info on our new R User Group at Tulane.

Field Botany – EBIO 4030/6030 (spring semesters)
Plants are the foundations of ecosystems. This course teaches plant identification and an overview of the natural history, ecology, and evolution of local ecosystems in Louisiana. The course is taught as lectures (two 1-hour lectures per week) and field labs (one 5-hour field trip per week). As part of this class, students learn to ID approximately 130 plants in Louisiana.
Pictured here is a class photo (2017) from our Mardi Gras Midterm, a lab practical where students came dressed up as their favorite Louisiana plant.
See the Louisiana Flora page for a list of plant specimens my class and I have collected to create Tulane’s Botany Teaching Collection.